Who will take care of the children?

Genesis 1 Expanded Bible (EXB)
The Beginning of the World

27 So God created [1:1] ·human beings [T man; C the Hebrew adam can mean human beings, humankind, person, man, or the proper name Adam] in his image [C reflecting God’s nature/character and representing him in the world]. In the image of God he created them. He created them male and female28 God blessed them and said [L to them], “·Have many children and grow in number [T Be fruitful and multiply]. ·Fill […and fill] the earth and ·be its master [subdue it]. ·Rule [T Have dominion] over the fish in the sea and over the birds in the ·sky [heavens]and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

Genesis 2:18 Expanded Bible (EXB)
The First Woman

18 Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper [C in the sense of a partner or ally; the word does not imply subordinate status; see Ps. 79:9] who ·is right for [is suitable for; corresponds with] him.”

Maybe, just maybe humanity will one day embrace the benefits of empowering society itself through its women.

I was inspired to create this page after taking several pictures.  I just wanted a lovely photo of the infinity  ring purchased during my Yogaville retreat & the copper ring from the vendor at the Albuquerque Amtrak stopover on the ride to California.  Then, I kept hearing "Grandma's Hand" in my head, over & over, again & again. Next, I discovered several versions of Grandma's Hands on Youtube. Meg Mac & Bill Withers are my favorites. 
My pictures are here & you are invited to upload one showing your or your grandmother's hand. Each you submit will replace one of mine until my three favorites remain. Life only know what we may create here.  I only desire to see a world that works for everyone. "Simple as that," my Dad would say. And "everything is copasetic." Absolutely, All is Well, in spite of appearances. 

Contrary to other sources, Merriam-Webster data, feminism was the term most searched during 2017. IMAGINE that!!! 👏👏👏😉😉

#MeToo survivals let go. Even though the story goes ... "this is a man's world...." 😎😉 I think not for real.

I present here a view of the feminine nature, As I SEE It. In the beginning, God.

In Genesis 1 we are told male-mind & female-mind or feminine & masculine, were created from Source. The only other story I've heard about around that time is about Lilith. Supposedly, the first female? She apparently took off after refusing to submit to Adams demands, & became a demon. WTH?!?

Then in Genesis 2, it's said, Source created female from the body of male specimen.  With that said, it seems to me, when a creator creates a second species, he's looking to upgrade. Maybe make it better or perhaps, to complement the first. That way, the idea of families makes sense to me. Both Being expressions of masculine & feminine in union, Unity. Shakti/Shivam, Yin/Yang. Infinity, Eternal. One may indeed see the feminine rightly being deemed, helpmates.

As I SEE it, males need help from the woman, be it mother, lover or friend.  Females appreciate the masculine nature, which appreciates the power of feminine nature.

After all females, aside from the male's shorter middle appendage (which they cherish so much), have the same body parts, in different proportion, in most cases, and More. Along with compassion & nurturing, generally, beyond comparison plus the capacity to birth. Makes me wonder if cloning is masculine nature effort to create life without the benefit of feminine nature. Hmmm? 🤔🤔😎

Furthermore, modern science shows, how masculine & feminine brains work differently. That is if you choose to believe science.

What's more, there's the story of the dismissal of Mary Magdala's message from Jesus. It's written that the male disciples refused to believe Jesus came & spoke to her after his death. Even though said to be the one most loved by him, and some say the wife of Jesus. That would make sense, given Jewish laws of the time. While others say, she was a prostitute (for the group, I suppose).  God only knows. It's written & accepted, by those who believe it, that other disciples later saw Jesus, yet it seems their stories were acknowledged. What is one to think?!?


Likewise, some stories say Jesus never traveled outside his village before his ministry started at age 30 & ended three years later. Others say he sat among sages in other countries at an early age. As Science meets Religious artifacts? What do we know really?

What is fact and/or truth???


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