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Being an #agentofchaos, POTUS45 & others are in a perfect position to again sabotage distribution of Jesus teachings through the Gospel of Mary Magdala

President Trump intends to start a War, As I SEE It; just as efforts to publish the writing were delayed, by WW1 & WW2, before.  #egobegone

My #
I Am Inspired to Aspire.
What Is Mine (Mind)
To Do? 

In alignment with the cardinal teaching of Baha'i faith — seek to create unity based on the principle of oneness of humanity.


To Dwell in the House of Truth

I love to love. It's #AllGood #AllGod. You think⁉ I am grateful. 💞. 🎵. To stay in constant remembrance of #love, #Music is the answer, As I SEE It. 💞. 🎵. 🎭.  LOVE 

"This idea is an idea of love. It is an idea that makes perfect sense and it is its very sense that makes it seem meaningless in a world gone mad. It is an idea that says only that which comes from love is real. It is an idea that says only that which fits within the laws of love is reality.... Ideas of love, or the Truth, are joined in unity and exist in relationship.... pass beyond the arena of beliefs into the arena of ideas...." --  ACOL  

I Am the #love of God #AllGood. #OneSource

Wisdom of Duality:
In the universe, hate exists because love exists & vice versa.

#OpenYourHeart. #greatergood. #SowLove. #HouseOfTruth. #Forgiveness. #Christ-Self. #NoFear. #Compassion. #EgoBegone.  

BTW: "The Israelites believed in a Promised Land but they did not dwell in it. You are called to dwell in the Promised Land, the House of Truth."

Walk by FAITH & Act out of LOVE.

"This is the only thing that you need do for vision, happiness, release from pain and the complete escape from sin, all to be given you. Say only this, but mean it with no reservations, for here the power of salvation lies:

#JustSayin. #OriginalContent. #SowLove. #WeAreOne.  #QuestionEverything. #Truth. #Cause. #Effect. #Cocreate. #Source.  #AllGood.

As I See It -- Sharing Food for Thought

She recalls the first question. Okay, it's written ALL are "created in the image and likeness of God."  How can that be? After all, we all look different.

Our desire is to share answers that resonated. We hope you SEE a guide post pointing you righteously on your path.  This message was seen in her spiritual practice Friday, August 6, 2010: "The Source" @Science of Mind, A Guide to Spiritual Living, Daily Guide It helped change her thinking, changed her life: 

A New Vision

She is in service helping others help themselves create a consciousness of abundance and well-being - THE PROSPERITY MISSION.

"In the beginning, God...”


"True thought deals directly with First Cause, and this Science is the study of First Cause, Spirit, or the Truth….

GOD is the source of all being. God is the source of the sun shining, the moon glowing, the stars sparkling, and the oceans waving. God is the source of all-good.

Being created in the spiritual image and likeness of God means that the same source that causes all to be is living, moving, and having its being as you. Yes, as you. This is the truth of your being. The Divine expresses as you every moment of the day.

We oftentimes forget that we are here to live lives of joy, love and abundance. Since God is the source of these qualities, all of this is available to us right now. Think about it. Some teachings say we are source energy. When we consciously tap into that energy, we become available and receptive to the good that is always present. Some might say that tapping into that energy is not easy to do. The truth is that it is as easy as making the choice to say yes to this truth assures us of living lives of love, peace and joy.

Let us allow ourselves to be the instruments of the Divine. Today we know that we are sourced by God in all that we do. Celebrate this and give thanks.


I surrender to the Source of all being. As I surrender to the source of life, I am guided and directed to my greatest yet to be. I am grateful."

I Love this AFFIRMATION from January 30, 2015 Science of Mind magazine Daily Guide…. "I stand in certainty of my oneness with God. I stand in the flow of Divine Good, and I receive with acceptance & gratitude."

As I SEE It….

Some "rulers" are so determined to dig deeper, deeper & deeper, as if trying to reach “the pits of hell” FOR JOBS & PROFITS, ignoring facts & science; refusing to LOOK UP…. 

“So that you will become the children of your Father who is in Heaven, for his sun rises on the good and upon the evil and his rain descends on the just and on the unjust.” Oil & Gas, not so much. Anyone believe life can grow without water?

We can do this!!!  You think? Co-create a world that works for everyone… 

Appears the world has become ruled by those who would dig deep as if trying to reach the “pits of hell”, rather than LOOK UP and know….

Our brothers from the East, Tibetan Lamas stated last equinox "The Sun shines on all of humanity". With unified thinking we will begin to realize that we have been speaking the same truth, only describing it differently. We are the rainbow family of humanity!

As for so-called oligarchs, corporate-people & speaking money, in my mind, the likes of Mitt Romney would, of course, claim Russian as the “greatest threat” to peace, democracy, oil or whatever, because that’s it's a PLAN. 

Of course, the nation with the largest weapons industry, supplying the world's oil & weapons would continue marching to war, until there is total destruction of the earth, perhaps. While the wealthiest seek ways to live in outer space & underwater. Forgive me but…. How are we led to believe war leads to peace!!!? Hilariously absurd. I prefer to SEE a well-informed voter not a well-armed citizen.

Generally, I prefer to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, & all others demonstrating his teachings…. Wars & guns (in churches even) don’t make the cut. Learn to LOVE.

History reveals the truth. In this world, some are choosing to do the same things again, again & again…. Do you think they really think things will turn out differently? What are you paying attention to? Wake Up Humanity.  

This is one of my most memorable verses from the time I studied the Quran. For whatever reason, it has stayed with me. I especially remember it from the time I needed to leave an abusive relationship. I like these two translations, which do you like?

  • Asad:     Behold, those whom the angels gather in death while they are still sinning against themselves, [the angels] will ask, "What was wrong with you?" They will answer: "We were too weak on earth." [The angels] will say: "Was, then, God's earth not wide enough for you to forsake the domain of evil?" For such, then, the goal is hell - and how evil a journey's end!
  • Aziz:     These it may be Allah will pardon, for Allah is Clement and Forgiving.

Muhammad Sarwar: When the angels take away from their bodies the souls of those who have wronged themselves, they will ask them, "How did you live?" They will reply, "We lived on earth in weakness and oppression." The angels will say, "Was not God's land vast enough for you to go wherever you could live in peace?" The dwelling of these people will be hell fire, a terrible destination.  

#AllLivesMatter   #WeAreOne   #JustSaying

A world that works for everyone. What is required for that VISION to become a reality?  Sow Love!