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Her conscious thought began to emerge at age twelve, after the baptism.

Before then she remembered a small voice within saying "question everything." NOW, she knows that was the beginning of her spiritual journey.

That Still Small Voice


After and over many, many years she found palatable answers for many questions. Experiences led to this order:

1. All that I have belongs to God.

2. God is the true source of our supply.

3. I Am only here for God.

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NOW, it is what it is! She is living the life of her dreams and following her bliss; co-creating with God as her partner. It's affirmed, dreams do come true.



I AM an Accredited Financial Counselor, a Tax Professional, student of networking marketing, and student of Truth. For specific guidance, BE STILL. My blog posts are based on my own personal knowledge, experience and opinion.


Question Everything – Investigate!          As I See It -- Sharing Food for Thought.

She recalls early questions. One, how can it be that we are "created in the image and likeness of God"?  As it is written: 

Genesis 1:27

Expanded Bible (EXB)

27 So God created [1:1] ·human beings [T man; C the Hebrew adam can mean human beings, humankind, person, man, or the proper name Adam] in his image [C reflecting God’s nature/character and representing him in the world]. In the image of God he created them. He created them male and female.


Our desire is to share answers she found. Our hope is that you may S.E.E. a guide post pointing you righteously on your path.


She is in service helping others help themselves create a consciousness of abundance and well-being - THE PROSPERITY MISSION.


An answer is expressed in the following spiritual practice Friday, August 6, 2010, entitled "the source," Science of Mind, A Guide to Spiritual Living, August 2010.


"In the beginning, God....

Genesis 1:1

True thought deals directly with First Cause, and this Science is the study of First Cause, Spirit, or the Truth....


Science of Mind, page 60

GOD is the source of all being. God is the source of the sun shining, the moon glowing, the stars sparkling, and the oceans waving. God is the source of all-good….Being created in the spiritual image and likeness of God means that the same source that causes all to be is living, moving, and having its being as you. Yes, as you. This is the truth of your being. The Divine expresses as you every moment of the day.

We oftentimes forget that we are here to live lives of joy, love and abundance. Since God is the source of these qualities, all of this is available to us right now. Think about it. Some teachings say we are source energy. When we consciously tap into that energy, we become available and receptive to the good that is always present. Some might say that tapping into that energy is not easy to do. The truth is that it is as easy as making the choice to say yes to this truth assures us of living lives of love, peace and joy.

Let us allow ourselves to be the instruments of the Divine. Today we know that we are sourced by God in all that we do. Celebrate this and give thanks.


I surrender to the Source of all being. As I surrender to the source of life, I am guided and directed to my greatest yet to be. I am grateful."


Be Inspired!!!

The devil is a liar.

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Birth name Johnetta Johnson + Hooper

Born August 3rd

Washington, D.C., U.S.

Associate: activist, entrepreneur spirit, student of truth, tax preparer, financial counselor.

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