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This is my prayer for our world.  With all due respect, it’s a slightly revised version of Ernest Holmes’ 1953 “My Prayer for My Country” {parentheses mine}. I have always felt dis-ease with the expression, ‘God Bless America.’ I choose to express, ‘God Bless Our World.’ Hate is a mental disease. After all we are One Human Family. And so it is.  

Love is the Answer.  

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Spiritual Guidance

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My desire is to help you S.E.E. & harvest Spirit Guidance. Sow Love!!!

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Only Believe

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So, I studied some basics about Islam during my years with Abdullah Rahman-El Ramadan Sufi (aka R. Naylor) school of Islam. It seemed to make sense to...

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Conscious Thought

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Her conscious thought began to emerge at age twelve, after the baptism.

Before then she remembered a small voice within saying "question everything." NOW, she knows that was the beginning of her spiritual journey.

That Still Small Voice


After and over many, many years she found palatable answers for many questions. Experiences led to re...

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