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K*I*S*S ... Keep It Simple Spirit 

Unknown (08-19-14)

I Am a Vessel of God/All-Good.... Keeping It Simple (but It's not easy)!


ENJOY the Music as You Explore! (Highly Recommended)

Some Say & Sing....


"You Can't Win....And you can't get out of the game (LIFE)....



the world has got no shame...."


 Dare to Differ.


KNOW With God All Things Are Possible.

 "Evolution is the awakening of the soul to a recognition of its unity with the #whole."

Science Of Mind 

My Prayer for Our World

1 John 2:17

Expanded Bible (EXB)

17 The world and ·everything that people want in it [L its desire/lust] are passing away [1 Cor. 7:31], but the person who does ·what God wants [the will of God] ·lives [abides; remains]forever.

Simply choose A Mentor or System you vibe with & vibe with you. Everything is not for everybody. Sharing lessons,...

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